Cisco IOS XR Basic Troubleshooting (IOSXR201)

Программа курса

Cisco IOS XR Software Operations

  • Examining Operation Basics
  • Examining Configuration Operations
  • Examining Configuration Rollback and Recovery
  • Examining Process Management

Monitoring Processes

  • Processes, Threads, and Dynamic Link Libraries
  • Mandatory Processes
  • CPU Hog Condition
  • Process Crashes
  • Stuck Processes
  • Useful Commands for Debugging Processes
  • Restart of Processes
  • Process Monitoring
  • Identifying Memory Problems
  • Memory Depletion

Error Messages and Core Dumps

  • System Error Messages
  • Logging System Messages
  • Cisco IOS XR Core Dumps

Cisco Traffic Flow Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Cisco IOS XR Line Card Data Packet Flow
  • Troubleshooting Cisco IOS XR Switch Fabric

Lab outline

Making and Testing Configuration Changes

  • Making Configuration Changes

Configuration Commit and Rollback

  • Commit and Rollback Features

Process Management

  • Process Restart ability

Monitoring Processes

  • Monitor Processes

Monitoring a Routing Protocol Process Restart

  • Monitor a Routing Protocol Process Restart

Monitoring Memory

  • Monitor Memory

Working with System Log Messages

  • Work with System Log Messages

Core Dumps

  • Work with Core Dumps

Tracing Packets on the Line Card

  • Trace Packets on the Line Card

Tracing Cell Flow

  • Trace Cell Flow