Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (MENPI)

Программа курса

Module 1: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

Introducing Cisco Prime Infrastructure

  • Cisco Unified Access® Networks Management
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure Features and Benefits
  • Deployment Options

Getting Started with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure GUI Overview
  • CLI Interface Overview

Configuring Initial Server Settings

  • Configure Basic Server Settings

Introducing Cisco Prime Infrastructure Licenses

  • License Basics
  • Determining License Requirements
  • Licensing Model Changes (3.0 and Higher)
  • Managing Licenses in the GUI
  • Management Token Option
  • Smart Licensing
  • License Troubleshooting

Module 2: Inventory Management and Reporting

Overall Process for Adding Devices to Inventory

  • Credential Profiles
  • Add Devices to the Inventory

Generating Reports

  • Report Basics
  • Create a Report
  • Composite Reports
  • Saved Reports
  • Custom Reports Feature
  • Schedule Reports

Managing the Network Inventory

  • View Network Inventory
  • Edit Network Inventory
  • Manage User-Defined Fields

Managing Groups

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure Groups and Subgroups
  • Manage User-Defined Groups

Managing Network Device Software Images

  • Device Software Management Overview
  • Software Management Tasks

Module 3: Network Mapping

Managing Network Topology Maps

  • Topology Map Overview
  • View Devices in Topology Maps
  • Edit Topology Maps
  • Data Center Topology Maps

Managing Wireless Maps

  • Wireless Technology Overview
  • Cisco MSE Integration
  • Wireless Site Maps Basics
  • Configure Wireless Site Maps
  • Optional Wireless Map Configuration Features

Module 4: Role-Based Access Control

Managing Virtual Domains

  • Introduction to Virtual Domains
  • Root Domain
  • User-Defined Virtual Domains

Managing User Authentication and Authorization

  • View and Modify User Groups
  • User Management
  • Password Management
  • User Monitoring

Managing Remote AAA Mode Settings

  • Using External Authentication
  • Using an SSO Server

Module 5: Configuration Management

Managing the Configuration Archive

  • Archive Management Overview
  • View Configuration Files
  • Manage Archive Settings and Schedule

Managing Configurations for Wired Devices

  • Modify Configurations for Individual Wired Devices
  • Configuration Templates Overview
  • Create or Use Configuration Templates
  • Deploy a Template

Managing Configurations for Wireless Devices

  • Wireless Devices Support
  • Wireless Configuration Templates and Tools
  • Modify Configurations for Individual Wireless Devices
  • Create or Use Wireless Templates
  • Configure with Wireless Technologies
  • Additional Wireless Configuration Features

Configuring Plug and Play

  • Plug and Play Overview
  • Configure Plug and Play
  • Verify the Activation Process

Module 6: Compliance Management

Performing Configuration Audits Using Compliance

  • Compliance Audit Overview
  • Create a Policy, Rules, and a Profile
  • Run a Compliance Audit
  • Evaluate the Audit Results

Running Reports to View Device Security Vulnerabilities

  • PSIRT, EOX, and Field Notice Reports

Module 7: Services Management

Introducing Services

  • What Are Services?
  • Service Prerequisites

Deploying Cisco TrustSec® Identity Services

  • Cisco TrustSec Overview
  • Enable 802.1X on Devices for Authentication
  • Generate a Cisco TrustSec Readiness Assessment Report

Introducing AVC Services

  • AVC Services Overview

Introducing Network Services and Router Virtual Containers

  • Network Services and Router Virtual Containers Overview
  • IWAN Enablement

Module 8: Network Monitoring

Exploring Monitoring Tools

  • Monitoring Overview
  • Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Data Collection
  • Policies
  • Alarms and Events

Monitoring Wired Devices and Data Centers

  • Monitor with Maps
  • Monitor with Dashboards
  • Monitor with Reports
  • Monitor Compute Device Resources

Monitoring the Wireless Network

  • Wireless Device Monitoring Overview
  • Monitor with Wireless Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Monitor with Wireless Maps
  • Monitor with Wireless Reports
  • Example Wireless Monitoring Tasks

Monitoring Applications

  • Application Monitoring Overview
  • Monitor with Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Monitor with Reports
  • Business-Critical Application Health Monitoring

Monitoring Clients

  • Client Monitoring Overview
  • Monitor with Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Client and User Monitoring Tool
  • Monitor with Reports
  • Client Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Client Profiling

Module 9: System Administration

Monitoring System Health

  • System Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Network Health

  • Network Health Dashboard
  • Network Health Configuration Options

Monitoring KPIs

  • KPI Performance Graphs Overview
  • Exporting or Printing Graph Data
  • Reviewing Device or Interface 360° Views

Managing the Server

  • Logging
  • CLI Commands for the Server
  • Server Backup and Restore
  • Software Updates

Introducing Operations Center for Large Deployments

  • Operations Center Overview
  • Activate Operations Center License
  • SSO Configuration
  • Adding Instances
  • Operations Center Data Aggregation

Labs outline

  • Lab 1: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Lab 2: Configure System Settings
  • Lab 3: Credential Profiles
  • Lab 4: Manually Add and Import Devices
  • Lab 5: Add Devices with Quick Discoveries
  • Lab 6: Generate Reports
  • Lab 7: Manage the Network Inventory
  • Lab 8: Manage Groups
  • Lab 9: Manage Device Software Images
  • Lab 10: Manage Network Topology Maps
  • Lab 11: Manage Wireless Maps
  • Lab 12: Create a Virtual Domain
  • Lab 13: Add a User
  • Lab 14: Add an ISE Server
  • Lab 15: Manage the Configuration Archive
  • Lab 16: View Wired Device Templates
  • Lab 17: Create and Deploy Wired Device Templates
  • Lab 18: Manage Wireless Device Configurations
  • Lab 19: Plug and Play Configuration
  • Lab 20: Manage Compliance Features
  • Lab 21: Manage AVC and QoS
  • Lab 22: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
  • Lab 23: Monitor the Wireless Network
  • Lab 24: Track Applications
  • Lab 25: Track Clients
  • Lab 26: Configure Operations Center