Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) – Программа курса

Программа курса

RF Frequency

  • Identify RF Characteristics
  • Explain basic RF Behaviours

RF Hardware

  • Understand Antenna Types

The 802.11 Standard

  • Know the Frequency bands used
  • Identify PHY Characteristics

Channel Plans and Performance Factors

  • Select appropriate channel plans
  • Identify factors implementing wlan performance
  • Understand the basic requirements for VoWLAN

WLAN Security, BYOD and Guest Access

  • Explain the basic differences between WPA and WPA2 Security
  • Determine the best solution for BYOD and Guest Access

Enhanced 802.11 Functions

  • Describe features of enhanced 802.11 functions
  • Explain the requirements of fast and secure roaming for non-technical professions

Wireless Access Points

  • Identify AP features and capabilities
  • Describe AP management Systems

Wireless Clients

  • Determine capabilities of Client devices
  • Discover client devices and applications in use

WLAN requirements