Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Datacom-Network Automation Developer (HCIP-DATACOM-NAD)

Программа курса

1. Programming Basics

  • Network Programming and Automation Overview: Network Programming and Automation Overview, Capability model of network automation development engineers, Course Introduction
  • Git Principles and Practices: Version Control Overview, Git Basic Principles, Common Git operations: clone, pull, push, and merge, Code Hosting Practice Based on HUAWEI CLOUD
  • Python Programming Basics: Programming Language Overview, Introduction to Python, Python Coding Specifications, Python Code Practice

2. Network Device Openness and Programmability

  • SSH Principles and Practices: Basic Features of SSH, Working Principle of SSH, Paramiko Component Architecture, Python SSH Code Practice
  • SNMP Principles and Practices: Basic Features of SNMP, Basic SNMP networking, SNMP Working Principle, Python SNMP Code Practice
  • NETCONF YANG Principles and Practices: NETCONF Background, NETCONF Application Scenarios, Working Principles of NETCONF, YANG Development Background, YANG File Structure, Working Principles of RESTCONF
  • Telemetry Principles and Practices: Limitations of SNMP, Telemetry Overview and Application Scenarios, Telemetry Architecture and Working Principles, Basic Telemetry Configuration and Code Practice
  • Open Programmability System (OPS) Principles and Practices: Introduction to Huawei OPS Functions, Typical Application Scenarios of OPS, Introduction to RESTful, OPS Working Principle, OPS Configuration Practices

3. iMaster NCE northbound openness

  • SDN Overview: Origin and Development of SDN, Huawei CloudCampus Solution, Huawei CloudFabric Solution
  • RESTful Principles and Practices: REST Background, Concepts, and Highlights, REST, RESTful, and RESTCONF relationships, Working Principle and Packet Format of HTTP, RESTful Interface Invoking Practice
  • Introduction to iMaster NCE-Campus Open APIs: CloudCampus Solution Capabilities and API introduction, Typical CloudCampus Openness Scenarios, Open cooperation cases
  • iMaster NCE-Campus RESTful API Invoking Practice
  • iMaster NCE-Campus Wireless Locating Practice
  • iMaster NCE-Campus Third-Party Authentication Practices
  • Introduction to iMaster NCE-Fabric Open API: CloudFabric Solution Openness Capabilities, General Constraints and Specifications for Open APIs of iMaster NCE-Fabric, iMaster NCE-Fabric Open APIs and Application Scenarios, Example for Invoking Neutron APIs for Intra-VPC Access
  • Introduction to Network Artificial Intelligence: Network AI Requirements and Challenges, Introduction to Huawei Network Artificial Intelligence Engine iMaster NAIE Service

4. iMaster NCE service openness and programmability

  • iMaster NCE service openness and programmability: Background of Open Programmability of Datacom Networks, Huawei Network Openness and Programmability Practice, iMaster NCE Service Openness Programmable NE Driver Package, iMaster NCE Service Openness Programmable Service Package, iMaster NCE Service Openness and Programmability Development Process, Concepts related to service openness and programmability (NETCONF, YANG, and Jinjia), Practical cases.