Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Data Center Facility (HCIA-DCF)

Программа курса

Training Content

1. EHS Introduction

  • Introduction to EHS
  • Accident Probability and Personnel Qualification
  • PPE Protection Overview
  • Engineering Construction Safety

2. Data Center Facility Knowledge

  • Introduction to Data Center Development
  • Composition of Data Center Infrastructure
  • Introduction to Data Center Standards
  • Common Energy Consumption Indicators
  • Panorama of Huawei Data Center Solutions

3. Basic Knowledge of Power Distribution

  • Power Distribution System Overview
  • Basic Concepts of the Power Distribution System
  • Common LV Electrical Equipment
  • Common Grounding Systems

4. Basic Knowledge of UPS

  • What Is a UPS
  • Huawei UPS Solutions
  • Common Configuration Solutions
  • Typical Application Scenarios

5. Basic Knowledge of Huawei DC Power Systems

  • Abstract
  • Architecture and Components
  • Battery Management
  • Application Scenarios
  • Huawei DC Power Systems

6. Basic Knowledge of Batteries

  • Battery Overview
  • Lead-acid Battery
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Comparison Between Lead-acid Batteries and Lithium-ion Batteries

7. Air Conditioning System Introduction

  • Working Principles of Air Conditioning System
  • Classification of Air Conditioning System
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Air Conditioning Air System
  • Common Air Conditioner Terms

8. Basic Knowledge of Precision Air Conditioners in Data Centers

  • Overview of Data Center Air Conditioners
  • Air-Cooled Precision Air Conditioner
  • Chilled Water Precision Air Conditioner
  • Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner
  • Other Cooling Solutions for Equipment Rooms
  • Introduction to Huawei Air Conditioners

9. Basic Knowledge of Monitoring Systems

  • Introduction to the Monitoring System
  • Basic Interfaces and Communication Protocols
  • Introduction to the Data Center Monitoring System

10. Functions and Features of Monitoring Systems

  • Overview of the Monitoring System
  • Introduction to Main Functions
  • Introduction to Huawei Monitoring System

11. Introduction to Other Systems of Data Center Facility

  • Fire Protection System
  • Fresh Air System
  • Cabinet System
  • Lightning Protection and Grounding System
  • Integrated Cabling System
  • Indoor Decoration System