IBM Cognos Planning Contributor: Develop Applications (V10.1) (P8105G)

Программа курса

Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning - Administrator

  • Review IBM Cognos Performance Management (PM) Solution
  • Identify IBM Cognos Planning and its components
  • Identify IBM Cognos BI and its components
  • Examine the IBM Cognos Planning architecture
  • Examine IBM Cognos Planning - Contributor and its components
  • Examine the development process for the Contributor solution

Build a Contributor Application

  • Examine best practices for building the underlying

IBM Cognos Planning - Analyst model

  • Configure IBM Cognos Planning Administrator
  • Create a Planning Contributor application using the Application wizard
  • Specify navigation, orientation, and application settings
  • Import the e.List and rights
  • Run Go to Production and preview a Planning Contributor application

Manage Workflow and Web Application Activities

  • Access the application in Cognos Connection
  • Examine the user roles and workflow states
  • Create annotations
  • Attach documents to Planning Contributor application items
  • View and delete commentary
  • Bounce users from the application
  • Work offline

Apply Security

  • Examine Cognos Planning security: authentication and authorization
  • Examine Cognos Planning roles
  • Assign access rights to end users
  • Examine levels of user rights
  • Create saved selections
  • Examine and create access tables
  • Identify network considerations

Administer Applications

  • Review what happens during Go to Production
  • Back up the datastore
  • Display Invalid Owners and Editors
  • Create a planning package
  • Reset workflow states
  • Set advanced options for subsequent Go to Production processes
  • Examine job management and the types of jobs that can be performed
  • Create help text for end users
  • Verify that data entered is valid

Manage Data

  • Synchronize the Cognos Planning - Contributor application with the Cognos Planning - Analyst model
  • Import data into the Planning Contributor application as a planner, reviewer and administrator
  • Publish Planning Contributor data

Use Extensions

  • Examine IBM Cognos Planning - Contributor extensions
  • Report from Planning Contributor data using extensions
  • Configure Planning Contributor extensions
  • Use administration extensions

Automate Applications

  • Examine automation of common administration tasks using macros
  • Create and publish a macro
  • Group related tasks into one macro
  • Examine how to run macros

Consume Planning Data in Cognos BI

  • Examine Cognos Connection
  • Create a portal page to group different types of content into a single view
  • Examine how to access live data in Cognos Studios
  • Create and run agents based on planning data in Events Studio

Case Study

  • Create a Contributor application
  • Ensure planners and reviewers have the required access to the appropriate data
  • Modify the application to accommodate the addition of new locations
  • Bring test data into the application in an administrator role and an end user role
  • Publish data for reporting and automate this task

Use the Contributor Add-in for Excel


  • examine the Cognos Planning - Contributor Add-in for Excel
  • enter, save, and submit Planning Contributor data using the Excel Add-in
  • modify the display of Planning Contributor data in Microsoft Office Excel
  • annotate data in Microsoft Office Excel
  • save a workbook as a template

Move Data Between Planning Analyst and Planning Contributor (Optional)

  • Export data from Planning Analyst for use in Planning Contributor
  • Integrate Planning Contributor with Planning Analyst
  • Move data from Planning Analyst to Planning Contributor using a D-Link
  • Move data from Planning Contributor to Planning Analyst using a D-Link
  • Compare D-Links to importing data in Planning Administrator

Translate a Contributor Application (Optional)

  • Examine the translation cycle
  • Create a translation
  • Translate applications into different languages
  • Export files for translation