Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Microsoft Azure (UNCMMAZ)

Программа курса

Module 1: Data Fabric Overview

  • Data Fabric
  • Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud
  • NetApp Public Cloud Products
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Data Services
  • Cloud Controls
  • Cloud Analytics

Module 2: Networking and other concepts

  • Azure Networking and Other Concepts

Module 3: Connectivity from the Public Cloud to Other Networks

  • Microsoft Azure VNET Connectivity to an On-Premises Network

Module 4: NetApp Cloud Manager

Module 5: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Architecture
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Supported Features

Module 6: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP- High-Availability Architecture

  • Highly Available NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure

Module 7: Administratration of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Manager

  • Administering Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Administering NetApp Cloud Manager

Module 8: Implementing Disaster Recovery with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Module 9: Data Tiering for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Module 10: Using NetApp Cloud Manager to Provision Persistent Storage for Kubernetes Clusters

Module 11: Using Integrated Services from NetApp Cloud Manager

  • Using NetApp Cloud Compliance Service from NetApp Cloud Manager
  • Using NetApp Cloud Backup Service from NetApp Cloud Manager

Module 12: Sizing NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • An Introduction to Sizing
  • Capacity Sizing
  • Performance Sizing
  • Single Node versus High Availability
  • Key Differences between NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and On-Premises ONTAP software
  • Performance Tuning
  • Frequently Seen Sizing Mistakes


  • Ensure connectivity to an ONTAP cluster
  • Ensure that required licenses are installed on the ONTAP clusters
  • Ensure pfSense is running.
  • Verify you can log into your assigned AWS and Azure accounts, set password for these accounts.
  • Use Azure CLI commands to control AWS resources (az instead of AzureRM)
  • Configure the Azure PowerShell to access your Azure account
  • Install NetApp PowerShell and execute NetApp PowerShell commands
  • Configure Azure environment for Customer Data Center Connectivity using terraform scripts.
  • Use UI to explore all the networking elements created by the PowerShell scripts.
  • Establish VPN between Azure VNET and on-premises (using Console)
  • Deploy Cloud Manager from the Market place in Azure. Register it with Cloud Central
  • Deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP (single node) using API (in an existing RG). Configure with NFS and SMB volume. Connect NAS Clients
  • Deploy Cloud ONTAP HA (Azure) using PowerShell scripts in a pre-created RG.
  • Fail over from one node to its partner.
  • Verify Data Access
  • Use Cloud Manager
  • Use Cloud Manager to Discover On Premises ONTAP Clusters