Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO285)

Программа курса

Outline for this course

Getting started with container technology

  • Describe how software can run in containers orchestrated by OpenShift Container Platform.

Creating containerized services

  • Provision a server using container technology.

Managing containers

  • Manipulate pre-build container images to create and manage containerized services.

Managing container images

  • Manage the lifecycle of a container image from creation to deletion.

Creating custom container images

  • Design and code a Dockerfile to build a custom container image.

Deploying containerized applications on OpenShift

  • Deploy single container applications on OpenShift Container Platform.

Deploying multi-container applications

  • Deploy applications that are containerized using multiple container images.

Troubleshooting containerized applications

  • Troubleshoot a containerized application deployed on OpenShift.

Comprehensive review of Introduction to Container, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift

  • Demonstrate how to containerize a software application, test it with Docker, and deploy it on an OpenShift cluster.

Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  • List the features and describe the architecture of the Openshift Container Platform.

Installing OpenShift Container Platform

  • Install OpenShift and configure the cluster.

Describing and exploring OpenShift networking concepts

  • Describe and explore OpenShift networking concepts.

Executing commands

  • Execute commands using the command-line interface.

Controlling access to OpenShift resources

  • Control access to OpenShift resources.

Allocating persistent storage

  • Implement persistent storage.

Managing application deployments

  • Manipulate resources to manage deployed applications.

Installing and configuring the metrics subsystem

  • Install and configure the metrics gathering system.

Managing and monitoring OpenShift Container Platform

  • Manage and monitor OpenShift resources and software.

Comprehensive review of Red Hat OpenShift Administration I

  • Install, configure, and deploy an application on a cluster.