Поддержание в рабочем состоянии, а также поиск и устранение неполадок в IP сетях Cisco (2.0)


Product description

Subscription Duration: 365 days

Cisco’s newly released e-learning training (ELT) for the TSHOOT v2.0 class is an all-inclusive next generation ELT solution which will prepare you for the CCNP Routing and Switching exam (TSHOOT 300-135).

This new format supports multiple devices so you can train at your own pace on any of multiple supported devices. You get the same content that we use when delivering instructor-led classroom training including the exact same hands-on labs. Never has a self-paced curriculum been as close to an instructor-led experience as this. You also get the same student guide as the ILT version.

A core element of this new training format is the ability to learn new concepts and reinforce those concepts with real-world lab scenarios that are identical to the classroom. The labs utilize Cisco IOS Software with Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, and a CLI supported on IOS version 15 releases.

The content is divided into manageable modules with built-in assessments that provide you with constant feedback on your mastery of the subject matter and automated guidance back to sections of the training where further review may be needed. This new e-learning format’s goal is to provide an interactive experience and support you through the entire duration of your course.

The previously mentioned labs, also called “Discovery labs”, complement the content and are used to give you practice time on topics taught, as well as introduce you to new related concepts. The graded challenge questions and labs allow you to test your knowledge of these concepts and when needed, provide access to hints and even some support.

Orientation videos are used to define course objectives and offer you helpful hints on how to use the e-learning product to ensure you receive the best experience possible. In addition, various "how to" videos provide helpful illustrations of key fundamentals.

Enjoy the following features and benefits of Cisco ELT for TSHOOT:

  • Smart Tablets: Study on the go - all you need is access to the Internet.
  • Multiple Devices: You can access ELT on different devices (logged into any one single device at a time).
  • Motivational Elements: Each section features badges that align to content mastery, as well as various achievement medals that reward good study techniques.
  • Social Media Links: Let others know how you're doing from within the course; post a notice to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Bookmarking: Return instantly to where you left off or want to go; track your progress.
  • Course Completion Certificate: After you complete your course, a print-ready course completion certificate is available.
  • Free Content Updates: All content updates made by Cisco are free for the duration of your 365-day subscription.
E-Learning Cisco Digital Learning
  • US$ 995,-

Subscription duration: 360 дня