Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Data Center Facility (HCIA-DATA CENTER FACILITY)

Have basic deployment and O&M capabilities of the data center facility and be competent for positions such as junior implementation engineers and junior O&M engineers.

EHS safety knowledge, Development History and Trend of Data Center, Working principles and main product categories of the 8 Subsystems of the Data Center Facility. The 8 subsystems of the data center facility are as follows: power distribution system, cooling system, integrated cabling system, monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, lightning protection and grounding system, cabinet system, and interior decoration system.

Target Audience

Those who are interested in Data Center Facility technologies.

Exam Content

The HCIA-Data Center Facility V2.0 Certification Exam covers:

  • EHS Introduction
  • Data Center Facility Knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of Power Distribution
  • Basic Knowledge of UPS
  • Basic Knowledge of Huawei DC Power Systems
  • Basic Knowledge of Batteries
  • Air Conditioning System Introduction
  • Basic Knowledge of Precison Air Conditioners in Data Centers
  • Basic Knowledge of Monitoring Systems
  • Functions and Features of Monitoring Systems
  • Introduction to Other Systems of Data Center Facility

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