Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Security (HCIA-SECURITY)

Engineers have the basic ability to configure and maintain small and medium-sized enterprise information security solutions, and have the ability to achieve basic network security for SMBs and meet the basic needs of a variety of security applications.

Information security concept, information security standards and specifications, common attack methods, basic operating system security, firewall security policy, firewall NAT technology, firewall hot standby technology, intrusion prevention technology, cryptography foundation, PKI mechanism, IPSec/SSL VPN technology , data monitoring and analysis, electronic forensics technology and emergency response technology.

Target Audience

Information security operation and maintenance engineer. Network security junior engineer who hopes to have information security capabilities.

Exam Content

The HCIA-Security V3.0 exam covers:

  • 1.Information security and security overview
  • 2.Operation system and Host security
  • 3.Network security basis
  • 4.Application of Encryption

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