Huawei Certified ICT Associate-WLAN (HCIA-WLAN)

Master the basics of WLAN technology, have a clear understanding of the WLAN architecture and the functions of each related component, be familiar with WLAN configuration and know how to design, deploy and maintain a WLAN network.
Basics and working principles of WLAN technologies; WLAN product features and networking solutions; WLAN access security and related configurations; WLAN Deployment Overview.

Target Audience

ICT professionals or students interested in WLAN technologies.

Exam Content

HCIA-WLAN V3.0 covers basic WLAN knowledge, including basic WLAN knowledge, WLAN frequency band, IEEE 802.11 protocol, 802.11 MAC architecture, 802.11 physical layer technology, WLAN networking, CAPWAP basic principles, and data forwarding. Wi-Fi 6 technology, WLAN product introduction, AP initial configuration, WLAN online configuration, and WLAN access authentication. WLAN O&M and troubleshooting, antenna technology, and WLAN project deployment.

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