Huawei Certified ICT Expert-Enterprise Communication (HCIE-ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATION)

Solid knowledge of enterprise communication theory, enterprise communication system planning and design capabilities, deployment and commissioning capabilities, and O&M troubleshooting capabilities of large- and medium-sized enterprises' communication systems.

Enterprise communication system overview, voice and video principles, enterprise communication field standards and protocols, video conferencing solution and products, unified communications solution and products, convergent conference, system maintenance and reliabilities, troubleshooting, etc.

Target Audience

Those who hope to become enterprise communication experts.

Exam Content

The HCIE-Enterprise Communication V1.0 Exam covers:

  • 1.Audio and Video Technology Principle12
  • 2.Protocol Signal Process18
  • 3.VC System Networking and Product Technologies15
  • 4.System Security and Reliability8
  • 5.Firewall Traversal Solution7
  • 6.VC System Troubleshooting8
  • 7.VC Product Operation and Maintenance7
  • 8.IPT System Networking and Product Technologies10
  • 9.IPT O&M and Troubleshooting10
  • 10.Convergent Conference

Предварительные требования

It is recommended that you learn HCIP-Video Conference and HCIP-Unified Communication in advance. Five years relevant work experience is suggested.