Huawei Certified ICT Expert- Intelligent Computing (HCIE-IT)

Passing the HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0 certification will indicate that you: 1) have insights into intelligent computing ecosystem and knowledge about key technologies and applications; 2) are able to perform the solution architecture design, deployment and system optimization of typical scenarios in intelligent computing field; 3) are competent for intelligent computing pre-sales/after-sales technical support, intelligent computing solution application expert, data center server architect engineer and other positions.

1. Describe the current situation and challenges of the computing industry. 2. Understand the industry's countermeasures. 3. Distinguish technologies between general-purpose and heterogeneous computing. 4. Describe the working principles of acceleration components and common computing platforms. 5. Have general knowledge of the basic concepts, application scenarios, software and hardware architectures, and key technologies of the intelligent computing solution. 6. Describe the delivery process of typical solutions. 7. Understand basic methods and common tools for system optimization. 8. Have a good command of parameter optimization methods in typical application scenarios

Target Audience

People who want to become intelligent computing experts. People who want to obtain HCIE-Intelligent Computing certification.

Exam Content

The HCIE-Intelligent Computing exam includes:

  • Insight into computing industry ecosystem,
  • Key technologies and applications,
  • Intelligent computing solution design and practice,
  • Intelligent computing system optimization.

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