Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Data Center Facility Deployment (HCIP-DATA CENTER FACILITY DEPLO)

You will be able to have a basic command of Huawei modular data center solution, power distribution system solution, cooling system solution, and monitoring system solution, and be able to work as a pre-sales engineer, deployment and commissioning engineer, and solution engineer for data center infrastructure.

Huawei modular data center Fusion Module series products, Huawei UPS and precision PDC series products, Huawei data center energy storage products, Huawei data center smart cooling products, and Huawei data center DCIM system products.

Target Audience

Pre-sales engineer, Deployment and commissioning engineer, Solution engineer for data center infrastructure, Personnel who want to obtain HCIP-DCF Deployment certification.

Exam Content

  • 1.Introduction to Huawei Data Center Infrastructure
  • 2.Introduction to Modular Data Center Solution FusionModule2000 and 5000
  • 3.Introduction to Prefabricated All-in-One Data Center Solution FusionDC1000
  • 4.Introduction to Smart Mini and Small Data Center Solution FusionModule500 and 800
  • 5.Integrated UPS Introduction
  • 6.FusionModule2000 Installation
  • 7.Application of VRLA Batteries
  • 8.Huawei SmartLi Introduction, Installation, and Commissioning
  • 9.UPS2000 Product Introduction
  • 10.UPS2000 Installation
  • 11.UPS2000 LCD Operations and Commissioning
  • 12.UPS5000 Product Introduction
  • 13.UPS5000 Installation
  • 14.UPS5000 LCD Operations and Commissioning
  • 15.PDU8000 Modular PDF Introduction
  • 16.Introduction to Data Center Cooling Solutions
  • 17.Introduction to Huawei Air-Cooled Precision Air Conditioner
  • 18.Introduction to Huawei Chilled Water Precision Air Conditioners
  • 19.Introduction to the Huawei Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling System
  • 20.NetCol5000-A042 Installation and Commissioning
  • 21.NetCol8000-C (070-260) Installation and Commissioning
  • 22.NetCol8000-E220 Installation and Commissioning
  • 23.ECC800-Pro Introduction
  • 24.Huawei DCIM Management Tool Introduction
  • 25.Huawei DCIM Product Introduction

Предварительные требования

It is recommended that you learn HCIA-Data Center Facility in advance.

Рекомендуемое обучение