Huawei Certified ICT Professional- WLAN (HCIP-WLAN)

A comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei WLAN products and technologies, and the ability to use WLAN product to plan, design, deploy and optimize WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Constructing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises considering of security, high reliability, Mesh, Huawei BYOD(Bring You Own Device) solution, as well as general WLAN planning, detailed WLAN planning, WLAN design and WLAN optimization.

Target Audience

ICT professionals or students interested in wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies

Exam Content

HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 exam includes the following:

  • Large-Scale WLANs
  • WLAN Radio Management
  • Deployment of WLAN Secure Connectivity Services
  • Interconnecting the Agile Controller-Campus with Servers
  • WLAN Inter-AC Roaming
  • High WLAN Reliability
  • Building a Wireless Mesh Network

Предварительные требования

It is recommended that you learn HCIA-WLAN in advance.