Certified Wireless Technician (CWT) – Программа курса

Программа курса

RF Frequency Fundamentals

  • Identify RF Characteristics
  • Explain basic RF Behaviours
  • Understand how to detect RF Signal Factors

Antennas and Accessories

  • Describe the basic differences among antenna types
  • Select the appropriate external antenna when required

The 802.11 Channels and Operations

  • Know the Frequency bands used
  • Explain the basic WLAN location process
  • Describe the basic steps required in the WLAN connection process
  • Determine the channels and streams supported by client devices

WLAN Clients : Features and Capabilities

  • Describe client types and varying capabilities
  • Determine the channels and streams supported by client devices

WLAN Clients: configuration and Management

  • Configure client devices
  • Configure various client operating systems for wireless connectivity

WLAN APS: Hardware and Mounting

  • Identify AP features and capabilities and understand configuration options related to them
  • Select appropriate mounding kits for a specified installation location
  • Ensure proper PoE provisioning when required

WLAN APs: Configuration and Management

  • Configure APS as standalone devices
  • Validate AP wired interface connectivity
  • Validate proper AP WLAN configuration

WLAN Security

  • Understand the basics of 802.11 security solutions
  • Identify legacy security technologies that should not be used
  • Configure security parameters in an AP
  • Configure security Parameters in a client device

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

  • Troubleshoot connectivity problems
  • Troubleshoot performance problems
  • Troubleshoot security problems
  • Troubleshoot mobility problems

Instructor Demo

  • Configuring a client
  • Verifying POE Power
  • Configuring an AP
  • Configuring Security Settings
  • Troubleshooting with Spectrum Analyzer. Protocol Analyzer and Wi-Fi Scanner