Администрирование Kubernetes (KUB201) – Программа курса

Программа курса

Section 1: Course Introduction
  • Understand the Course
Section 2: Introduction to Containers and Container Orchestration
  • Understand Container Concepts
  • Understand a Microservice Architecture
  • Understand Kubernetes
  • Understand SUSE CaaS Platform
Section 3: Kubernetes Administration
  • Understand Basic Kubernetes Commands
  • Work with Namespaces
  • Understand Kubernetes Manifests
  • Understand Multi-pod Deployment
  • Work with Deployments
  • Configure Networking for Applications
  • Use Environment Variables with Applications
  • Use ConfigMaps
  • Work with Secrets in Kubernetes
  • Work with Labels and Selectors
  • Configure Node Affinity in Kubernetes
  • Scale Out Applications
Section 4: Application Management in Kubernetes with Kustomize
  • Understand Kustomize Concepts
  • Manage Applications with Kustomize
Section 5: Application Management in Kubernetes with Helm
  • Understand Basic Helm Concepts
  • Manage Applications with Helm
Section 6: Ingress Networking with an Ingress Controller in Kubernetes
  • Work with the Nginx Ingress Controller
Section 7: Storage in Kubernetes
  • Understand Kubernetes Storage Concepts
  • Work with Persistent Storage in Storage Classes
Section 8: Resource Usage Control in Kubernetes
  • Understand How to Control Resource Usage in Kubernetes
  • Work with LimitRanges
  • Work with Resource Quotas
Section 9: Role Based Access Controls In Kubernetes
  • Understand Role Based Access Controls
  • Perform User Authentication in CaaS Platform
  • Configure RBAC in Kubernetes