Huawei Certified ICT Associate-5G (HCIA-5G)


Описание курса

With the rapid development of ICT technologies, the 5G era will bring a fully connected, intelligent world. Therefore, the ICT industry and market need a group of professionals who understand 5G and can wield the strength of 5G. Huawei HCIA-5G certification is intended for ICT industry practitioners, non-O&M personnel of operators, and students from universities. It aims to cultivate talents who are engaged in business transformation, application transformation, and solution design and application in the ICT industry in the 5G era.

Кому следует посетить

  • Personnel who want to become 5G solution engineers.
  • Personnel who want to obtain the HCIA-5G V2.0 certification.


Этот курс является частью следующих программ сертификаций:

Предварительные требования

Basic IT technologies and network knowledge.

Цели курса

  • After completing the training, you will be able to:
  • 1.Understand the development of mobile communications.
  • 2.Understand the driving forces of 5G development.
  • 3.Understand the 5G standardization progress.
  • 4.Describe the 5G network architecture.
  • 5.List the key technologies of the 5G air interface.
  • 6.List 5G network security technologies.
  • 7.Understand the development trend of ICT technology convergence.
  • 8.Elaborate the applications of 5G with new technologies in enabling the industry.
  • 9.Describe the current state of 5G development in the industry.
  • 10.Explain the functions and value of 5G basic service capabilities.
  • 11.Describe the major solutions that employ 5G basic service capabilities.
  • 12.Understand the current state of 5GtoB basic service applications.
  • 13.Understand the 5GtoB basic service application solutions.
  • 14.Understand the application and development trend of 5G in vertical industries.
  • 15.Understand the 5G solutions to industrial applications.
  • 16.Understand IoV solutions.

Цены & Delivery methods

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  • on request
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