Huawei Certified ICT Expert- Cloud Service Solutions Architect (HCIE-CLOUD-SS-ARC)


Course Overview

Training and certificating experts who want to be capable of managing complex enterprise IT systems on HUAWEI CLOUD from end to end, including architecture planning and design, deployment and O&M, and migration of application systems to HUAWEI CLOUD

Кому следует посетить

  • People who want to be cloud service architects
  • People who want to obtain HCIE-Cloud Service certificates
  • People who want to master the overall architecture planning and design, business scenario solution design, and best practices of HUAWEI CLOUD

Предварительные требования

  • Have basic knowledge of public cloud services.
  • Be familiar with basic operations of public cloud services.
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of cloud computing, cloud storage, database, and Linux.

Цели курса

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Be familiar with HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure, pricing, and ecosystem.
  • Understand cloud architecture principles and how to design the cloud architecture.
  • Understand HUAWEI CLOUD network solutions and network design principles for different scenarios.
  • Design HUAWEI CLOUD overall network solution.
  • Use HUAWEI CLOUD compute services, such as cloud servers and containers, to build the business system architecture.
  • Know how to access, share, back up, and accelerate data on the cloud and design the storage architecture.
  • Determine database services based on business requirements and design the database architecture.
  • Master the design methods and principles of the microservice architecture.
  • Use HUAWEI CLOUD ServiceStage to build and govern microservices.
  • Be familiar with the solution architectures and application scenarios of HUAWEI CLOUD offline processing and real-time stream processing.
  • Understand customers' requirements for cloud security and solutions.
  • Use tools for HUAWEI CLOUD basic O&M and multi-dimensional O&M.
  • Use migration tools provided by HUAWEI CLOUD.

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

10 дней

  • on request
Online training

10 дней

  • on request

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