Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Cloud Service Solutions Architect (HCIP-CLOUD-SS-ARC)


Описание курса

Training and certificating senior engineers with cloud-based architectural design and analysis of traditional applications.

Кому следует посетить

  • People who want to be cloud service architects
  • People who want to obtain HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 certificates

Предварительные требования

  • Have basic knowledge of cloud computing
  • Be familiar with HCIA–Cloud Service

Цели курса

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the IT industry trend
  • Understand how software architecture evolves
  • Distinguish between cloud service categories
  • Deploy and optimize cloud architecture
  • Understand typical off-cloud design solutions
  • Describe the HUAWEI CLOUD solution architecture
  • Understand the cloud architecture design principles
  • Have a deep understanding of HUAWEI CLOUD compute product series
  • Select the most suitable compute products based on your application scenarios
  • Use HUAWEI CLOUD compute products to build scalable services
  • Build dedicated storage resources on the cloud
  • Build cloud solutions for cross-AZ backup and restoration, cross-AZ DR, and OBS 3AZ storage
  • Build cloud solutions for cross-region backup and cross-region object replication
  • Build solutions for migrating VMware backups, enterprise backups, and archives to the cloud
  • Use OBS as the storage for building BigData Pro (compute-storage separation solution), video on demand (VOD) solutions, and live streaming solutions
  • Use EVS to build solutions for migrating Oracle RAC databases to the cloud
  • Build high-performance AI training solutions based on SFS Turbo
  • Build a high-performance cloud network
  • Build high-performance Internet access
  • Build a high-performance hybrid cloud network
  • Understand the HUAWEI CLOUD database service framework
  • Complete the cloud database solution design
  • Understand the HUAWEI CLOUD database solution
  • Understand the security challenges that face cloud computing and the security technical architecture of HUAWEI CLOUD
  • Be familiar with HUAWEI CLOUD tenant security services, their functions, and application scenarios
  • Understand the security solution design capabilities for typical scenarios on the cloud
  • Understand the analysis on migrating conventional applications to the cloud
  • Design the solutions to migrate conventional application to the cloud
  • Have basic knowledge of container technologies
  • Understand HUAWEI CLOUD container services and ecosystem
  • Understand HUAWEI CLOUD container solutions
  • Understand the evolution roadmap of enterprise application architecture
  • Be familiar with the HUAWEI CLOUD solution in the evolution of enterprise application architecture
  • Describe the DevOps process
  • Understand DevOps platforms on HUAWEI CLOUD and their functions
  • Understand capabilities and application scenarios of big data services
  • Get familiar with the big data solution design in different scenarios
  • Learn services provided by HUAWEI CLOUD EI and their functions
  • Understand the industry-specific solutions provided by HUAWEI CLOUD EI
  • Master how to use EI services or solutions to meet customers' business requirements
  • Understand what is blockchain
  • Know blockchain's applications
  • Know how to use BCS
  • Understand the development trend of the campus industry
  • Describe typical smart campus service scenarios
  • Understand the development trend of the edge-cloud industry
  • Learn typical service scenarios of edge-cloud synergy
  • Describe the HUAWEI CLOUD edge-cloud synergy solution
  • Describe the Huawei Cloud Resource Physical Exclusive Solution solutions
  • Understand the application scenarios of the Dedicated Resource Solution, Dedicated Full-Stack Solution, and HCS Online Solution
  • Understand the architecture and deployment plans of DeC and HCS Online
  • Master HUAWEI CLOUD e-commerce solutions

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

8 дней

  • on request
Online training

8 дней

  • on request

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