Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Video Conference (HCIP-VIDEO-CONF)


Course Overview

Training and certificating senior engineers with deployment, management and maintenance capabilities in the visual field.

Кому следует посетить

  • Those who hope to become a video conference associate.
  • Those who hope to obtain HCIP-VC certificate.


Этот курс является частью следующих программ сертификаций:

Предварительные требования

  • A general familiarity with PC operation system.
  • A basic understanding of computer technology.
  • A basic understanding of computer technology.

Цели курса

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Wireshark interface and basic operations.
  • Know video Conference communication basic knowledge.
  • Describe H.323 protocol registration flow.
  • Understand the use of the SIP.
  • Know about the signaling process of SIP messages.
  • Learn about the basic principles of RTP and RTCP.
  • Master the packet formats of RTP and RTCP.
  • Master the application of RTP and RTCP.
  • Acquire basic knowledge of audio technologies.
  • Learn audio-related technologies.
  • Understand the video image processing technology.
  • Know basic concepts of video codec and their differences.
  • Understand the concept and structure of the integrated videoconferencing system.
  • Know about components of a videoconferencing room.
  • Know the advanced features of the TE series.
  • Understand the basic concept and working principle of the MCU.
  • Know the application scenarios and use methods of advanced features of the MCU.
  • Know the Advanced Features of the SMC.
  • Master How to Troubleshoot of SMC.
  • Describe types of common faults and the troubleshooting methods.
  • Describe typical videoconferencing networking modes and service processes.
  • Describe the background of the firewall traversal.
  • Master the basic knowledge of the firewall.
  • Describe the different firewall traversal solution.
  • Master the common firewall traversal solution configuration

Цены & Delivery methods

Classroom training

8 дней

  • on request
Online training

8 дней

  • on request

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